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The system does not keep your money.

Your deposit is a mutual contribution to the community


Why us

Bitcoin is the largest & safest cryptocurrency and blockchain in the world.
DeFi is the fastest growing application of blockchain. It's supported from big names in Tech Industry like: Elon Musk, Mark Cuban...
That's being said, BitcoinDeFi will have the best of both, bringing a lot more benefits to investors & users.


What is BitcoinDeFi

BitcoinDeFi is the first DeFi project developed on the second layer of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

The top DeFi projects are mainly developed on Ethereum.
BitcoinDeFi uses Smart Contract solution on the second layer of Bitcoin Blockchain, developed by FastKitten open-source, combining BitcoinDeFi's algorithm model. DeFi architecture designed by BitcoinDeFi.

First layer: Bitcoin Core Blockchain
Second layer: FastKitten core + BitcoinDeFi algorithms



Q4 2020
Bitcoin blockchain second layer analysis
Develop: Bitcoin core + FastKitten core + BitcoinDeFi algorithm
Q1 2021
Complete: Web, Dashboard, System logic.
Develop: Bitcoin core + FastKitten core + BitcoinDeFi algorithm.
Wallet (cold + hot), Staking Node Wallet, Exchange Wallet.
Contributors community building up.
Q2 2021
Wallet (cold + hot), Staking Node Wallet, Exchange Wallet.
Exchange wallet listing
Farming Pool.
Bitcoin second layer deploy ( Bitcoin core + FastKitten core + BitcoinDeFi algorithm)
Contributors community worldwide speed up
Developers community building up
Q3 2021
Multi Exchange listing
BitcoinDeFi ecosystem building up
Q4 2021
AMM ( Automation Market Maker) deploy on BitcoinDeFi blockchain
Full Options services for DeFi spaces.
Developers community boost
Contributors world wide boost
Real-life application boost


Real-life mutual fund activities are blockchainized that builds BitcoinDeFi (Second layer on Bitcoin core).
On BitcoinDeFi, mutual actions are encouraged by BTCDF reward, similar to Bitcoin core incentive mechanism.
No. Community contribution is directly peer-to-peer. BitcoinDeFi only navigates and records cash flow, encourages mutual action by BTCDF rewards.
Mining, Staking, purchase from Liquidity Pool, purchase from an exchange wallet and Multi Exchange when listing.
Enjoy Staking interest and financial sharing from the next Contributor in corresponding with converted value in BTCDF Node.
They will be reduced by partial or total loss of the Staking Node owner benefits.
Deposit BTC, ETH, USDT to mine BTCDF -> automatically transferred to Staking Node.
Purchase additional BTCDF deposit to Staking Node.